how to create a bootable Ghost Drive.

1. on the net app under //netapp1/administration/infosys/software/ghosting/diskandtools there is an application called "RUFUS" copy that onto your desktop. (while your there go ahead and copy the folder named "updated" to your desktop as well)

2. Double click on the "RUFUS" icon on your desktop

    - first line select the correct device you wish to make a bootable ghost drive

    - Second line MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers should be the default option if not make sure that is selected.

    - third line "file system" select FAT32

    - fourth line is cluster size leave that the default selection (it will be different based on the size of the flash drive you are using )

    - fifth box says new volume label i leave that the default label

3. at the bottom you will see "format options"

    - do not select "check device for bad blocks"

    - select quick format

    - "create a bootable disk using" (select ms dos here )

    - unselect create extended label and icon files

4. click start and allow rufus to format your flash drive

5. once rufus has finished copy all of the files that are inside the "updated" folder to your flash drive allowing it to over ride any thing that may have "conflicts"

Now you have a bootable ghost drive

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