Create an image with Clonezilla

Create an image with Clonezilla 1/4/13

 On a Clonezilla server

To start Clonezilla -- open terminal by going to applications > accessories> Terminal,

Type:  sudo /opt/drbl/sbin/dcs

password is same as the login password for the clonezilla server

Key down to Clonezilla-start  and press enter

Select beginner, press enter

Select save-disk, press enter

Select later_in_client, press enter 3 times,

Select power off or true depending on your needs. True simply waits for you after it is done.

Press enter twice

When prompted Press enter 1 more time.


Boot Image host to PXE

Name the images on the image host, press enter twice, computer should now be creating the image.

If it fails you can try again, but not every system is supported, we have had problems with the newest machines. If it starts then fails you may need to check storage space on the clonezilla server.






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