Windows Media Player sound failure

Subject: windows media player.  (VISTA issue)

I have an issue with a machine not playing sound in windows media player. If I use power DVD it works just fine. This started out with only one machine at Scott and now I am having multiple machines with this issue at both schools. Is anyone else having this problem? I know it is a codec issue but there are no more updates for media player. Most teachers are happy using power DVD I would just like to see if anyone is having the same issue for my own comfort. -- Mike Clem


Install VLC media player, it acts as a complete conversion from wmp.

There are probably some problems with the dvd codecs that power wmp, which in some cases are also used by third party dvd softare. VLC uses its own codecs to play and you also don’t have to follow dvd formatting rules like watch all the previews before the movie start (added bonus) -- Justin Hoefling


Possible cure source for CODECs:

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